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Wallick University - Pathway to Excellence

What is Wallick University?

Wallick University has been developed to ensure that we effectively train and educate associates at all levels. Due to our unique industry, it is imperative that our associates are equipped with the necessary skills and resources to be successful in their current role and be prepared for new expanded roles within the Company. We are committed to the overall success of our organization and in order to meet these needs, Wallick University has been created.

Wallick University will allow associates to gain a higher level of confidence in their current position or receive the necessary training to gain a more solid foundation for future growth and development within the Company. This will allow associates to become better qualified for positions that become available within the Company.

Our goal is to provide a workplace with the opportunity for all associates to grow with the Company. In order for this to happen our training and education must mirror the increasing standards of our industry.

We are committed to providing associates the opportunity to develop skills and knowledge necessary to meet our industry's ever changing standards. The Wallick Companies goal is to promote within whenever the right candidates and job opportunities are available. All associates are encouraged to be aggressive in seeking out additional responsibility and to get involved.

We say we want Wallick to be a great place to work, and we mean it. We take great that Wallick has been a trusted leader in the affordable housing for more than 40 years and that our associates are committed to providing excellent service. Wallick University will move us closer to our goal of becoming our industry's premier service provider.

2012 Annual Training and Recognition Event Materials

Mentoring Program

The Mentoring Program will support the Company's ultimate goal of educating associates and fostering an environment where learning is part of our daily work life. The Mentoring Program will assist in the training and smooth transitioning of new community managers into their positions within the Company.