Talent Knows Talent

At Wallick Communities, we are a team that strives to do business with integrity, excellence and a joy in helping others. We’re a company that respects people, helps individuals grow, encourages innovation and promotes hard work balanced by family time and a fair amount of fun. We don’t just say the right things, we do them—without compromise.

We are looking for more associates like you to help us deliver our promise. That's why we're offering an updated Associate Referral Program. Talk to your family, friends—or anyone you'd be proud to work alongside—about starting a career at Wallick. Share your story about why you choose to work here...and why they should work here, too. Ask them to apply today and mention you on their application or other initial contact with HR.

Refer & Earn

It pays to know the right people, so for every position you help us fill, you’ll receive $500 Additionally, for positions identified as "HOT JOBS", the bonus will be $1,000, payable in two $500 installments. The number of referrals is unlimited.

For a $500 bonus, you'll receive payment on the first pay period after our new hire has completed 90 days of employment.

For a "HOT JOB!" $1,000 bonus, you'll receive your bonus payment in two installments:

  • $500 on the first pay period after your referred colleague has completed 90 days of employment
  • $500 when your referred colleague completes six months of employment


Look for the "HOT JOB!" logo next to the position title on our Job Opportunities page. See the example below:

  • Maintenance Technician at St Richard and Mercedarian ( $500 bonus)
  • Maintenance Technician at Cypress Commons and Trailbridge is a "HOT JOB!" ($1,000 bonus)

Here's How You Participate

Tell your qualified recruits about our job openings and ask them to apply.
  • Use the referral sheets. Referral sheets will be provided to you by your manager, through HR or click here to download a PDF. Pass them out to anyone who is qualified and interested in starting a career at Wallick.
  • Give your autograph. Don’t forget to put your name and contact information on the referral sheets before giving them to your recruits. Be sure to remind them to add your name to their application so the hiring team will know you referred them for a position.
  • Tell them how to apply. Have your recruits apply for jobs via email at careers@wallick.com or through our website at www.wallick.com/careers.

Important Things to Know

  • The Referral Program is on-going
  • Referred individuals cannot be current or previous Wallick associates.
  • Referred individuals must start within 30 days of offer.
  • The referring associate and newly hired associate must be in active/eligible status at the time of bonus payment payout.
  • Hiring managers are eligible to receive referral bonuses for referrals within their divisions but cannot influence hiring decisions.
  • HR colleagues and Senior Staff are not eligible for this program.
  • Per IRS guidelines, referral bonuses will be taxed.