Update on H4H House Wallick Associates Rehabbed

 February 1, 2018 — Starting fresh in a new house can be exciting, to say the least. Unfortunately, the feeling that accompanies homeownership is something many will never get to experience.

For years, Sharina Harrington has worked toward getting her own home to raise her three kids in. Thanks to Habitat for Humanity (H4H), Sharina’s dream finally became reality last month when the nonprofit presented her with the keys to her first house.

Sharina’s home is one of 400 in central Ohio that have been constructed, rehabbed or repaired by H4H over the past 25 years. Located off Minnesota Avenue in Columbus, Sharina’s house is also one of four that Wallick associates helped rehab last summer.

In 2017, H4H and Heart of Service partnered together and had nearly 60 Wallick associates dedicate an entire day to painting rooms, planting flowers and completing a variety of other construction tasks at houses in Columbus, Dayton and Cincinnati.