IT Alert: Cyber Hacking

 April 12, 2018 —

The Wallick IT Department works diligently to protect you and the company from cyber criminals and hackers. Unfortunately, that battle is never ending. Cyber criminals are growing more savvy, sophisticated and aggressive every day. Now, hackers have figured out how to “spoof” emails so that they appear to come from your coworkers. These emails are hard to spot, but here’s what to look for: 

  • Bad spelling or grammar
  • Requests for money or to pay an invoice
  • Oddly worded attachments
  • Strange looking links
  • Requests to “wire” money or provide bank account information
  • Wording or sentiment that is unusual for the person the message appears to come from

Also, be cautious of phishing emails containing embedded links that ask you to re-authenticate your Microsoft account by entering your username and password. These emails may even contain images, such as the Microsoft logo. Avoid problems by:

  • Resetting your password every 2-3 months
  • Creating a strong password that includes 10 or more characters, numbers or symbols like @, #, $, % or !. For example: $bobCat#1996!.

If you receive a suspicious looking message, call the IT Service Desk at 614-552-5633 or submit a ticket in ServiceNow. DO NOT reply to the message, click any links or open attachments.