Associate Referral Program Offers Big Rewards & Opportunities! Read Gabriela's Story Here

 April 15, 2018 — Gabriela Morales is a recent addition to Wallick Communities. Last month, she started her position as Occupancy Specialist for Eastway Village, Eastway Court and Hamilton Crossing after her father and Maintenance Technician for Eastmore, Pedro Rivera, referred her for the job through the Associate Referral Program.

“I would encourage anyone to take advantage of the Associate Referral Program. I consider the process to be thorough, quick and a great way to find candidates ready to embark on a new, rewarding journey. Once you become a Wallick associate, you are part of a caring and supportive work family.”

--Gabriela Morales, Occupancy Specialist

Like Pedro and Gabriela, many associates have already participated in the Associate Referral Program and so can you! If you know someone who may possibly fit an open position, ask them to apply today at or email In addition to helping Wallick recruit talented individuals, you could also receive a $500 bonus for every position you help fill. Additionally, the bonus increases to $1,000 for positions labeled as “Hot Jobs”.

In the meantime, check out the Talent Knows Talent page on MyWallick for more information on how to participate in the Associate Referral Program and get one step closer to receiving a bonus!