What's going on with Resident Services

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Mission Statement:

To enhance the quality of life of our residents by addressing those needs of greatest concerns, including employment, education, health, and safety. We will accomplish this by developing innovative programs that will also enhance the community, its operations, and serve as a model for others.

Executive Summary:

Resident Services has taken a holistic approach in addressing how to better serve its residents and communities beyond bricks and mortar. The company's vision of resident services plays a vital role in the affordable housing. The resident services initiative gathers resident information to guide its strategic plan and goal setting process. Additionally, this process helps to gauge the service needs of the residents, their service expectations, and defines what programs and services to be implemented.

We have become a more global society and our communities have become more diverse. Therefore, our programs and services should reflect the communities we serve. Resident Services assists in identifying resources available to meet the needs of residents, and design and implement programs and services. We encourage resident participation in the programs which are provided on-site where space is available, or alternatively through referrals to community resources. Community Resource Guides are created to assist in this effort.

Resident services are structured to concentrate on four levels of service that play a major role in helping become a productive citizens. We have used resident surveys to identify the four keys of services, which are employment, education, health and safety. These areas combine to assist residents in achieving a better quality of life.

The benefits of resident services include lower resident turn-over, crime reduction, improvement in economic circumstances, adult and youth activities, increasing income through workforce development, assistance in solving family crisis, decreasing maintenance cost through housekeeping training and easing the workload for property managers who are burden with handling interpersonal issues.

Relationship building within the broader community is essential to the success of resident services. Community partnerships with government, private industry, educational and financial institutions, and non-profit agencies are established to reach the goals of resident services. Establishing a good rapport with property owners helps to leverage the success of resident services.

We are committed to providing excellent customer service and have made a commitment to a better quality of life for the residents we serve.