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Secretary Donovan Unveils Villages at Roll Hill

Largest Green Renovation of Affordable Housing Community in the Nation
$36 Million Rehabilitation Spurring Significant Economic Development

U.S. Secretary of HUD Shaun Donovan, Cincinnati Vice Mayor Roxanne Qualls and others marked the Villages at Roll Hill’s grand reopening with a ribbon cutting celebration on December 4.

“I’m thrilled to be here today with all of you to celebrate the exceptional work that’s
been done on this project.  Real change requires not just new buildings, but a broader transformation built on partnership with and leadership and capital from the private sector – and that’s what we’re seeing here today at the Villages at Roll Hill,” said Secretary Donovan.

“As one of HUD’s most respected property developers and owners, The Wallick Companies are leading the way toward a more sustainable, affordable future for housing,” he added.


The rehabilitation of the Villages at Roll Hill, formerly Fay Apartments, is a $36 million,
27-month long project to be completed in January. The work is ahead of schedule
and under budget. The renovations include reducing the density to 703 apartments – a reduction of 190.

“Safe and decent housing is a right for everyone. Safe and decent housing also helps
create strong neighborhoods. Without strong neighborhoods and their committed residents, our city cannot grow and thrive,” said Vice Mayor Qualls. “This renovation has been a big job and a great economic development generator.  It has supported 252 jobs and created more than $2 million in local taxes over the past 27 months.”

“The Villages at Roll Hill represents a sea change in how we think about affordable housing preservation.  It’s about strengthening neighborhoods so that homes are sustainable in the broadest sense of the word, providing families that live there with access to real opportunities and the support to take advantage of them,” added Secretary Donovan.

Renovations to each apartment include: window and door replacements, kitchen and bath modernizations, furnace replacements, adding central air conditioning and complete roof replacements. In addition, security was upgraded with additional cameras, increased on-site security staff and installation of perimeter fencing.

“We all know, home is about family. And for 46 years, it has been my family’s business to provide people of all means a safe and decent place to live. My sister, Julie, and I are proud to carry on this tradition, with the help of our team. I especially want to acknowledge the extraordinary work of our colleagues Dave Hendy and Brian Hendy, in putting this project together and the leadership of our CEO, Tom Feusse,” said Wallick Co-Owner Howard Wallick.

It is the largest green renovation of an affordable housing community in the nation to date. Green features in the apartments include: energy efficient windows and doors, new HVAC, environmentally-friendly carpet and paint, low flow toilets, shower heads and faucets in bathrooms and kitchens and LED light bulbs in light fixtures. The developers are seeking Silver LEED certification for the project through the U.S. Green Building Council.

“Making the project green made sense from an economic as well as an environmental perspective,” said David Hendy, Managing Director, Wallick-Hendy Development and
Managing Member of Fay Development Group, Inc.

Throughout its 79 acres there is new landscaping and tree installation and new central laundry facilities. New playgrounds will be installed as well. Other amenities are a full
service community center, independently-operated child care center, police sub-station, baseball fields and basketball courts. Construction on the original development was completed in 1962.

“I have lived here for 43 years and this is the best I have ever seen at Roll Hill. It is an even better place to live, play, raise a family and to make a home,” said long-time Roll Hill Resident Carrie Turnbow. “Residents are enjoying their new apartments and everyone who lives here has benefited from the renovations – a community center for grown-ups and new playgrounds for children.”

Funders include the City of Cincinnati - $3.2 million loan; the U.S. Department of Housing
and Urban Development’s Office of Affordable Housing Preservation - $31.6 million loan; and Fay Limited Partnership - $1.5 million equity.

“While there have been physical changes to the property over the past 27 months, what
has not changed is the sense of community here. Our team members work hard to make
Roll Hill a home for everyone who lives here. They offer a wide range of services to
improve and enhance residents’ daily lives and their quality of life,” said Hendy.

After the formal program, dignitaries cut a ceremonial ribbon and attendees toured the community’s model apartment.


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